Raise Now Datenschutz

We make use of donation technology engineered by RaiseNow AG, Hardturmstrasse 101, 8005 Zürich, whose privacy policy can be viewed here: https://www.raisenow.com/ch-en/datenschutz 
On the basis of our interests and donation processing, personal and payment-related data as well as communication preferences are captured by RaiseNow, in accordance with GDPR art. 6 par. 1 lit. b and a processing contact we have with them, as per art. 28 par. 3 line 1. RaiseNow AG based in Switzerland and RaiseNow GmbH based in Germany both comply with all requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation. Switzerland is considered a safe country to which the European Commission has affirmed an appropriate level of data protection by means of a decision on conformity. This includes, for example, the security of data processing, which is regularly checked and certified by TÜV SÜD at RaiseNow AG on the basis of the PCI-DSS SAQ D Level 2 security standard (https://developer.raisenow.com/docs/pci-dss/Certificate-of-Validation_en.pdf). RaiseNow may use any collected data in anonymous form, that is without assignment to a donor, to optimize or improve its own services, but may not contact donors directly or pass this data on to third parties.